Now that the calendar has flipped from 2023 to 2024 many people set great intentions for satisfying the ‘new year new you’ mantra with varying results. With the help of Good Housekeeping magazine, we’ve compiled, a few resolutions that provide simple lifestyle tweaks that deliver that great feeling of accomplishment and prove that change is attainable..

budget calculator

Build a better budget

Make a vow to save more money. Outline a budget that works for you then make a plan for how you’ll stick to it. Apps like Mint can help do this painlessly.

diverse food

Try new recipes

Cook one new thing each week. Everyone wants to eat healthier, but you should also try to eat more diverse foods. Switching things up makes meals more exciting. This year, investigate some easy recipes you’ve never tried before. We’ve compiled a year-round listing of markets in the Minneapolis Northwest area that provide diverse ingredients and inspiration too!


Read more books

Now is the perfect time to snuggle up with a book. Open up a free Goodreads account for great book recommendations and review each book you read, if you like. Using your favorite app, save an audiobook for the gym. Exercisers who did worked out 51% more often. Sweat while listening to an intense thriller and the treadmill time will fly by.


Book your yearly doctor’s visits

Make all of your appointments in one sitting. That way you’re less likely to skip exams throughout the year. Start with your primary care provider asking which screenings you’re due for in 2024.

 plant owner

Become a plant owner

Swing by your local garden center one weekend. Caring for indoor plants might make life more enjoyable. When people work near plants, they report greater concentration. The Journal of Physiological Anthropology reports, “Our results suggest that active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress.”