Coffee Shops

Find your favorite hot drink and try some new flavors at one of our area's coffee shops. These relaxed spaces provide all the convenience you're looking for, along with quality drinks using locally roasted coffee. Enjoy seasonal lattes, espresso drinks, colorful Taiwanese bubble tea, and a high-end tea service right in the Northwest metro. And where there's coffee, there's sweet treats! Most coffee shops offer baked-from-scratch pastries and sandwiches to compliment your beverage of choice.  

Treat Yourself! Our Guide to the Best Pastries in Minneapolis Northwest and Beyond

Minneapolis Northwest and the surrounding area is your go-to destination for a pastry-filled adventure! From donuts as big as your head to unicorn poop cupcakes, and from French pastries to German Beehives, you’ll find something to satisfy your sweet

Embrace the Hygge Trend and Get Cozy in Minneapolis Northwest

As the weather changes, it’s only natural to crave more activities that leave you warm and cozy. Hygge is a Norwegian and Danish term used to describe a mood of coziness, along with feelings of wellness and contentment. From snow sports and spas to