Experience the flavors of Africa with restaurants featuring traditional dishes from Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, and Morocco. Savor jollof rice, egusi soup, ogbono soup, fried plantains, potjiekos, and a variety of meat and vegetable curries and stews. Many of these family owned eateries are found in Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park – the two most diverse cities in the state. These cities also include several African markets, so you can grab the ingredients needed to make your own feast.

Passport to World Flavors: Travel the World With Your Taste Buds

You don’t need a passport to take a your taste buds on a journey around the world! Start your adventures by enjoying the flavors of the world in just one stop. From collard greens and sriracha fried rice to banh-mi and a Cajun seafood boil, we’ve got