So what’s the weather like in Minneapolis Northwest? It's just like any other state in the upper Midwest - hot in the summer and cold in the winter (and snowy). But there's no such thing as bad weather when you're prepared with the right clothing and accessories. Below are a few suggestions to help you prepare for your trip to Minnesota.

Average Temperatures

January Avg. High 24° | Avg. Low 7° July Avg. High 84° | Avg. Low 64°
February Avg. High 29° | Avg. Low 13° August Avg. High 81°| Avg. Low 62°
March Avg. High 41° | Avg. Low 24° September Avg. High 72° | Avg. Low 52°
April Avg. High 58° | Avg. Low 37° October Avg. High 58° | Avg. Low 40°
May Avg. High 69° | Avg. Low 49° November Avg. High 41° | Avg. Low 26°
June Avg. High 79° | Avg. Low 59° December Avg. High 27° | Avg. Low 12°


As winter nears its end, the sun rises higher in the sky and temperatures begin to slightly rise. Early spring can still be cold and snowy but it starts to really warm up towards the end of May. Rain and thunderstorms are very common during this time of year so don't forget to bring an umbrella. Our suggestion is to check the weather often and pack layers. Then you're sure to have the appropriate kind of clothes with you. 

What to pack: Sweater, umbrella, jacket, hoodie, baseball hat, sunglasses and jeans.


Minneapolis has been on National Geographic Traveler's list of the world's 10 best summer destinations. The summers here are great! Even though it can be hot and humid with the occasional heat wave, the temperature is fairly consistent throughout the season (averaging around 70°- 80°). As for thunderstorms, they quickly come and go and aren't as frequent as spring.

What to pack: T-Shirt, shorts, flip flops, umbrella, sunblock, bathing suit, sunglasses, and bug spray.


It seems like Minnesotan’s favorite season is fall. It’s not too hot, humid or cold - it’s just right. Plus there is a rapid decrease in thunderstorms so you don’t have to worry about it raining much. If you want to see leaves turn gold and crimson, then this is the time to visit. It’s absolutely beautiful around here during this time.

What to pack: Hoodie, jeans, sports jersey, jacket/coat, flannel button down and slippers.


Minnesota is known for its harsh winters. The truth is, they aren't as bad as myth would have it - Minnesotans embrace winter with plenty of outdoor activities and even a carnival. Temperatures start to fall in November and start to warm back up again in March.  If you’re going to be outside for a long period of time, we suggest you bundle up (it tends to get really cold in January and February).

What to pack: Winter coat, boots, hat and gloves, long-sleeves, scarves and earmuffs.

Annual Events & Festivals

Minnesotans know how to celebrate in every season, and throughout the year, Minneapolis Northwest plays home to a number of annual events and festivals. Cozy up to fuzzy baby animals in the spring, celebrate Liberian culture in the summer, and explore one of the state’s largest corn mazes in...