What is Minneapolis Northwest?

Minneapolis Northwest is a convention and visitors bureau that represents the Minneapolis suburbs of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

Do your hotels require a parking fee?

No.  All of our 24 hotels have FREE parking.

Where can I obtain visitor information?

You can view a PDF of our Insider's Guide for free by clicking HERE

How far away are you from the Mall of America?

The Minneapolis Northwest area is about 30 minutes northwest of the Mall of America.

Is it true there is no tax on clothing and shoes?

You heard correctly. There is NO TAX on clothing and shoes in the state of Minnesota so shop away.

What are the average temperatures for Minneapolis?
January Avg. High 24° | Avg. Low 7° July Avg. High 84° | Avg. Low 64°
February Avg. High 29° | Avg. Low 13° August High 81°| Avg. Low 62°
March High 41° | Avg. Low 24° September Avg. High 72° | Avg. Low 52°
April Avg. High 58° | Avg. Low 37° October Avg. High 58° | Avg. Low 40°
May High 69° | Avg. Low 49° November Avg. High 41° | Avg. Low 26°
June High 79° | Avg. Low 59° December Avg. High 27° | Avg. Low 12°
Where can I access a current calendar of events?

Visit our online calendar of events. It is updated regularly as events are submitted. 

Can I contribute to the Minneapolis Northwest blog?

At this time, we do not accept guest submissions on our blog; we have content writers on our staff. 

Can Minneapolis Northwest help me get rates for hotel rooms?

Yes! Please contact us for information about obtaining group rates for accommodations.

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