Ice Cream & Desserts

We're a haven for anyone with a sweet tooth. Our numerous dessert and ice cream spots make it easy to grab a treat wherever you are. We specifically recommend heading to Nadia Cakes, home of the award-winning cheesecake cupcakes and the annual April Fool's unicorn poop cupcake. Mi-Sant Banh Mi and Daily Dose Cafe and Espresso feature delicious pastries, cookies and stuffed croissants, while Wagner's Drive-In and 50's Grill feature homemade shakes and malts in a variety of flavors. Of course, Minneapolis and Saint Paul are also home to an abundance of sweet shops featuring craft donuts, whacky ice cream flavors and decedent cakes.

Treat Yourself! Our Guide to the Best Pastries in Minneapolis Northwest and Beyond

Minneapolis Northwest and the surrounding area is your go-to destination for a pastry-filled adventure! From donuts as big as your head to unicorn poop cupcakes, and from French pastries to German Beehives, you’ll find something to satisfy your sweet

Things To Do With Kids

Families are the foundation of our communities, and Minneapolis Northwest is proud to offer so many fun things to do with kids. In our cities, kids of all ages can play arcade games and laser tag, go bowling and go-karting, survive an escape room, visit a living history farm, and experience a...