Mississippi Gateway Regional Park

Mississippi Gateway Regional Park (formerly Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park) provides a variety of opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventure. This unique park is defined by the Mississippi River and features 160 acres of amazing scenery to bike, hike, fish and more. From the 12-foot-wide observation walkway on top of the dam, there are many opportunities to see our nation’s greatest river up close with spectacular views, accompanied by the relaxing roar of the water and beautiful rainbows in the mist. 

Follow more than two miles of trails along the banks of the river and disappear into the beauty and quiet of nature. Enjoy stunning views of the river, vistas and shoreline, both on paved walking and biking trails, as well as unpaved rustic hiking trails. Look for signs of the abundant wildlife that live in or visit the park—mink, beaver, hawks, osprey, deer, turtles and river otters. In the winter, snowshoe along the snow-covered paths of a winter wonderland, as you enjoy the invigorating cool air.

For a truly immersive experience, get in the water by renting a single or tandem kayak through the Mississippi River Paddle Share program. This is a great recreational and transportation opportunity for people want an enjoyable river experience but don't own a kayak. Gaze up at towering tree canopies draped over the riverbank, providing habitat for bald eagles and migratory birds. Paddle through the backwaters to see spiny soft-shelled turtles sunning themselves on logs and driftwood. Keep an eye out for egrets, wild turkeys, turkey vultures, otters, geese, deer, and fox. You may also encounter dragonflies and other insect life landing to rest on your kayak as you relax and enjoy the natural outdoor show.

Mississippi River Paddle Share

Mississippi River Paddle Share is a new and exciting recreational and transportation opportunity for people who have some kayaking experience, don’t own a boat, and want a safe and enjoyable river experience. This is a first-of-its-kind program in a national park and in the country. Kayak rental stations and return stations are located in select parks within Three Rivers Park District. Reserve your kayak 21 days in advance for a specific date and time, pick it up at the selected rental station...

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MN Great River Road

Mississippi Gateway Regional Park and the stretch of river it occupies is part of the Minnesota Great River Road, which is part of a larger national scenic byway that runs 3,000 miles from Minnesota to Louisiana. The 565-mile Minnesota Great River Road is designated along a cornucopia of state and local roads, from the iconic Lake Itasca headwaters to the Iowa border. This byway has been awarded the status of  “All-American Road” by the Federal Highway Administration. To receive this status, road must possess nationally significant qualities and have one-of-a-kind features that exist nowhere else – making the byway a “destination unto itself.” Mississippi Gateway Regional Park is proud to be a part of this historic byway.