Tacos. Enchiladas. Chilaquiles. Elote. Mole. Tamales. What are your favorite Mexican dishes? Because we have them all in Minneapolis Northwest. Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant, Riviera Maya Cantina & Restaurant, Fiesta Cancun, and Tacos El Paraiso each offer authentic Mexican food made with fresh ingredients and a colorful array of chilies. Our area also offers your favorite Mexican chains, like Chipotle and Rusty Taco, so you can eat well while on the move.  

Passport to World Flavors: Travel the World With Your Taste Buds

You don’t need a passport to take a your taste buds on a journey around the world! Start your adventures by enjoying the flavors of the world in just one stop. From collard greens and sriracha fried rice to banh-mi and a Cajun seafood boil, we’ve got