At one time or another, every household needs to undergo a painting project. But most paint jobs don’t look quite like what Shawn McCann has going on in his Crystal driveway.

“I’ve done some chalk drawings on my driveway but not too many things like this,” said McCann.

McCann is a full-time muralist and street artist who specializes in doing large scale pieces on ceilings and walls. He is the artistic director and co-founder of Maple Grove’s Chalkfest. He recently completed a project at Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store.

But this month, he decided to put his talents on display at home. Neighbors and people who were walking through the neighborhood got to see the artist at work.

“Very rarely do you get artists actually work. Most of the time they are in their studios painting and you’ll see a finished piece,” said McCann. “So it’s kind of an extra special treat to be able to see the art created over a course of time.”

The pieces in his driveway that he’s working on are part of a larger collection that will be on display at this year’s Chalkfest, which is scheduled for August 29-30.

“A lot of times we would paint them the week of the festival, but since we’ve postponed it because of COVID and stuff, wanted to just get a few of these done prior,” said McCann.

When the work is done, the murals will come down and stay in storage until August.

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