It is an established fact that Corporate Sustainability Responsibility (CSR) is important in all businesses ranging from small entrepreneurial startups to major Fortune 50 companies.

However, the way we choose to incorporate CSR into the daily routines of corporate planners remains rather customized to different industries.  Basically there are two types of CSR.  The first one is involves provisions of corporate funding and resources for worthwhile causes.  Examples are companies donating money or employee time to charities.  This is the kind that typically are adopted by major corporations in the U.S.  Another type of CSR is devising corporate plans that manufacture products or provide services in the best interests of society, such as using safe and green materials in design and manufacture, corporate environmental initiatives, and others factors that produce job creation or economic development.


Corporate planners can quite easily incorporate either types of CSR into your meetings and events.  Is CSR a top-down or bottom-up approach in your company?  When was the last time you incorporated some form of CSR into your event?