Rowan Brown, Owner and Chef at Spice & Rice, began his career running the catering department at the Ritz Carlton in Jamaica. Fortunate opportunity brought him to Minneapolis more than 20 years ago where he remained and thrived, first at the Marriott and then as catering coordinator at the University of Minnesota where he helped launch and maintain the food service at TC Bank Stadium. When the Heritage Center lured him to Brooklyn Center, he met his partner Von Inthisone and watched her successfully launch her first restaurant, Sweet Basil. 


His jerk chicken and her spicy Thai basil sauces were destined to create the sole restaurant outside of Minneapolis that offers this unique infused Asian and Jamaican flavor profile.


“Our nation is getting more diverse and isn’t afraid to try new things such as the fusion we serve on our menu,” remarks Rowan. “People are trying a sampler of our appetizers to get the different flavors and experiences. Our Asian Street Fries with hoisin, spicy mayo and sriracha pairs wonderfully with our coconut shrimp with our signature spicy mango sauce. We’ve gained such a following for our special sauces that in the fall we will begin to bottle our jerk and Thai basil sauce to sell at our restaurant!”


For an online menu visit Spice & Rice offers Door Dash and Grub Hub delivery, and on weekends staff assists with local delivery.

Rowan forecasts that he and Von will open a second location of Spice & Rice by the fall of 2023.