On the nomination of the Brooklyn Center County Inn & Suites General Manager Jodie Grannes, Rhoda Fleming was awarded the Winter Hospitality Rockstar designation. Minneapolis Northwest Tourism presented to her a certificate of achievement accompanied with a $250 Visa gift card to thank her for her exemplary hospitality service to guests staying in Brooklyn Center.

Hospitality Rockstar Winter 2023 presentation

“Hired as a front desk agent, she's become our go to person in EVERY area of our hotel. She makes breakfast, mops all the public areas, cleans and inspects rooms, does laundry, cleans the pool area, covers vacations for her colleagues, and keeps a great attitude no matter how many different directions she's pulled in. She works any shift; seven days a week, Jodie remarked. “We're so grateful to have a person like Rhoda on our team. Her calm demeanor, willingness to do whatever it takes, and excellent problem solving skills are what makes Rhoda a true Rockstar!”

Local cable access channel 12/CCX Media interviewed Rhoda and aired and posted the interview the day the award was given on December 18, 2023.

Hospitality Rockstar 2023 CCX

Rhoda has worked with County Inn & Suites for six years and is planning on spending the Visa gift card on Christmas gifts for her 3 kids and 4 grandkids.

Hospitality Rockstar full staff