Front Office Morning Supervisor Larry Austin has been designated as the Summer Hospitality Rockstar by Minneapolis Northwest. Working at the Fairfield Inn & Suites for two years, his general manager, Gwen Steele nominated him for his dedication, hard work and overall positive attitude that ensures guests have any problem solved and are always greeted with a smile. 

Larry Austin Hospitality Rockstar

Larry received a framed certificate and a $250 Visa gift card as a token of appreciation for the excellence he brings to work every day. Lunch was provided for Larry and all the staff on duty after he was recognized. Local community television station CCX covered the story and ran the interview on a number of newscasts and hosts the story online.

Gwen went on to say, “Every morning Larry has everything prepared for the day. He always has his people set up for success. He is the epitome of a team player. He works with the mantra of doing his work so that the whole staff can win.”

Executive Director Cyd Haynes commented, “We created this program of recognition for our front-line hospitality workers as they are often the first face people see who are visiting the area. Larry’s smile is a welcoming glow that lets the guests know that if they need information or an extra towel, he will provide all that is required. Larry acts more like a personal concierge to ensure a wonderful stay at the hotel.”

Hospitality Rockstar

Gwen went on to add, “As guests get to know him they greet him as “Mr. Larry”. He is such a humble man – I’m thrilled that we could shine the spotlight on him for a moment to recognize the impact he brings to our hotel.”