Minneapolis Northwest Tourism is thrilled to place the spotlight on five outstanding housekeepers that work to make each hotel guest in the Brooklyns feel that their stay at our local properties is a home away from home. 

In our spotlight we'd like to introduce you to Ana Torres Avina - Housekeeper at the Embassy Suites Minneapolis.

  • What is the most desired place you’d like to visit? Jerusalem
  • How do you relax after a long day? Go shopping!
  • What would people never guess about you? I love to read.
  • What is the wildest thing you’ve seen on the job? I have two answers to this question. I once received a $50 tip from a guest! The other wild thing happened last week when a guest was walking his dog and had the back door opened, a squirrel came in and started to run all around the hotel. He made it up to the 8th floor before we captured him.

Ana Embassy Suites Minneapolis