Minneapolis Northwest Tourism is thrilled to place the spotlight on five outstanding housekeepers that work to make each hotel guest in the Brooklyns feel that their stay at our local properties is a home away from home. 

In our Monday spotlight we'd like to introduce you to Rosa Naranjo - Room Attendant at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest.

  • Where is your favorite place to visit? Las Vegas
  • How do you relax after a long day? Go home, have some coffee and watch a movie.
  • What would people never guess about you? I was a skilled soccer player growing up.
  • What is the wildest thing you’ve seen on the job? We had a guest that was paranoid that people were watching him. He rearranged all the furniture and moved the bed completely around. To avoid being “spied” on, he took it upon himself to cut all of the electrical cords in the room including cords to the lamps, TV etc.

Rosa Naranjo Marriott Housekeepers Week