Goska Colbert, assistant manager of GoodThings in Maple Grove, couldn’t hold her excitement when asked about reopening the doors to customers.

Stores like GoodThings allowed to reopen for inside customers

“We’re happy to have our crowd back, so excited. I can’t wait. Personally, I’m a shopper myself so for me to go shopping would be a great thing,” Colbert chuckled. “But also for the customers to come back, it’s a great thing.”

Dave Looney, owner of The Woods Gifts in Maple Grove, said it’s time for people to shop for things other than essentials.

“This is a good release because it’s not essentials. It’s fun stuff and mind-releasing type of items,” Looney explained.

But as ecstatic as retailers are to reboot their business, taking care of customers come with responsibilities amid COVID-19.

“Reopening comes with a little bit of caution and we kind of just want to make sure we can provide an environment that’s perfect for our customer and staff,” said Katy Kramer, owner of Mainstream Boutique in Maple Grove.



Maple Grove retail stores including Mainstream Boutique are encouraging customers to wear masks and stay at a safe distance from other customers.

“All staff will have face masks on. We’re not requiring customers to, but we do have disposables when they enter if they want to put some on,” said Kramer. “We do have gloves when they’re handling jewelry.”

Mainstream Boutique

Because Mainstream Boutique is a clothing store, Kramer said they’ll be sanitizing all the clothes that may have been tried on. Kramer says they use a garment steamer to kill germs. The shop is also asking that clothing be left in fitting rooms after it is worn.

Dave Looney said The Woods Gifts provided all his staff with masks.

“We have shields before each register and have trained staff on how to do retail in the new world,” Looney said.

Staff at GoodThings will be disinfecting products almost every time somebody touches something.

“We won’t have too much customers during the opening, so we’re going to clean everything to make it comfortable for our customers and employees,” said Colbert.

While GoodThings does not open until Tuesday, Colbert said she came in early Monday to start cleaning and disinfecting every inch of the store.



Because stores are reopening at half capacity, not all staff are needed, according to Maple Grove retail store owners.

Colbert said staff will be limited and everyone will be working part time.

“Just a couple managers and one person a day. There’s not too many people right now but eventually, yes we would like everybody to come back,” Colbert said.

“We have some older people who work for us that are cautious,” said Looney. “I’d say out of probably 20 staff, we have about 6 or 7 people holding back. But we’re doing fine with staffing.”

Mainstream Boutique has kept all their staff on.



GoodThings, The Woods Gifts and Mainstream Boutique will be limiting the number of people at the store.

At Mainstream Boutique, only five people will be allowed inside the store. However, appointments will be available for shoppers that want to be the only person in the store during after hours.

All three shops will continue with curbside pick-up and will have reduced hours. See below for the temporary store hours.

Mainstream Boutique
Monday-Friday 12PM – 6 PM
Saturday 11 AM – 5 PM
Sunday Closed

Tuesday-Saturday 11 AM – 5 PM
Sunday – Monday Closed

The Woods Gifts-Maple Grove
Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday 11 AM – 5 PM

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