Hospitality Rockstar.” That’s something to put on the resume. A Brooklyn Park hotel employee got the title in a surprise award ceremony this week.

Karen Flores works at La Quinta Inn. She was nominated for the Hospitality Rockstar award because of her exceptional customer service and positive attitude. In addition to the title, she also got $100 from Minneapolis Northwest Tourism.

“The job is hard, but if you’re thinking it’s hard then it’s hard,” said Flores. “But if you think it’s easy, then it’s easier for everybody. For me, for all the persons working here.”

Minneapolis Northwest Tourism picks one Hospitality Rockstar award quarterly. Anyone in our area can be nominated if they work in the hospitality industry. Organizers are looking for a fourth winner for the final quarter.

“It’s really to recognize the great work they’re doing,” says Minneapolis Northwest Tourism’s Natalie Conrad. “To bring people to our area and also to encourage others to step up.”

Once all the quarterly winners get their awards, the board will pick one “Hospitality Rockstar of the Year.” That winner will get a $500 Visa gift card.

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