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Corporate Volunteerism Makes a Difference

If you’re looking to make a change to your next event, consider the impact you could have by volunteering with your team or attendees.

Adding a fundraising component to events has been steadily on the rise in recent years. VolunteerMatch has stated that companies incorporating volunteerism are “building brand awareness and affinity, strengthening trust and loyalty among consumers, enhancing corporate image and reputation, improving employee retention, increasing employee productivity and loyalty, and proving an effective vehicle to reach strategic goals.” 


It’s easy to understand why volunteerism/fundraising should be a part of employee culture but how do you integrate that into your event? Let Minneapolis Northwest help you get started. 


Some easy ways to give back are to host a drive. Food drives are fun and easy ways to add to your event. Offer a prize if guests bring a canned item for a local food shelf or bring school supplies for a local charity. 


If you’d like your drive to be more specific, have a conversation with the organization you’ll be donating to. This is very important when beginning the process, because you’ll find that sometimes organizations are in need of hygiene supplies and baby food, while other times the need may be greater for school supplies or clothing. All donations are appreciated, but you’ll want your event to have the best possible effect for the recipients. 


Corporate team building service projects are also a great way to build team comradery while acting for a good cause. Packaging meals is a simple and fun way to give back. Places such as Feed My Starving Children typically have these opportunities available for groups between 8-25 people. 

Volunteer serving food at shelter


There are many ongoing volunteer opportunities if the spirit of volunteerism has encouraged you to participate in something more long-term. The Brooklyn Center Community Corner is consistently in need of tutors. There is also Reading Partners Twin Cities that offers the opportunity to assist/ tutor a child in grades K through 5. 

Mentor helping child


Don’t forget the follow-up! Pictures will always be a great way to ensure your event is not easily forgotten. Whether your team has engaged in a service project, served meals or collected items, make sure there are pictures to show off their hard work. These photos can be a fun way to say thank you after the event. 


These options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to volunteering. There are numerous organizations and communities in need everywhere. When beginning this process try to think about what you’re looking to accomplish with the event and start researching organizations that may fall in line with that theme of giving. 


You cannot go wrong with volunteering, it can take your event to the next level and inspire others. 


If you’re planning to host an event in the Minneapolis Northwest area, please let us help you! We’d be happy to assist with finding a volunteer opportunity that will fit your next meeting or event.