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Family Friendly Spring Break in Minneapolis Northwest: Unlimited Options, Unlimited Fun


IT’S HERE. Where are you going? What will you do? Do you have enough PTO saved up? WHAT WILL IT COST? Take the stress out of spring break. Relax, refresh, and rekindle that family bond in Minneapolis Northwest this spring! Between all our great hotels, incredible dining options, and family-friendly activities, we have the perfect, budget-friendly staycation your whole family will love.

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10 Fun Date-Night Ideas in Minneapolis Northwest


If you’re in Minneapolis Northwest for a single night or a fun weekend getaway with your significant other, you’ve got a lot of options for a date night—some of which you can’t do anywhere else in the Minneapolis area. Here are 10 of the best date-night ideas in Minneapolis Northwest.

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Suburban St. Patrick’s Day for the Win


Saint Patrick’s Day IS ALMOST HERE. To some it might seem like a frivolous holiday. To others it is a beloved tradition. Either way, isn’t it a great reason for everyone to come together over great food, green beer, and laughter? Yes! So, whether you’re Irish, or just Irish for the day, Minneapolis Northwest is your suburban St. Patrick’s Day celebration destination!

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Wicked Wort: A HOPULAR Craft Beer Hangout


BEER! Okay, I apologize. That was a cheap ploy to get you to learn more about Wicked Wort. It’s an awesome family owned brewery in Minneapolis Northwest, that you need to experience. Minnesota has built a reputation as a “Craft Beer Capital” and Minneapolis Northwest doesn’t disappoint.

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Gifts for Him This Valentine’s Day (Because He Will Never Tell You)


Before any gift-giving holiday, it’s typical to hear that women are difficult to shop for, even though sending a link with the exact thing I want or spelling out that dinner at this restaurant would be amazing, is incredibly direct (and don’t even get me started on that Valentine’s Day when all I asked for was a heartfelt card and got...nothing). It is in fact much harder to shop for men. Ask them for ideas and what is generally the answer? Either “I don’t know” or something inappropriate that I can’t type here. So, in hopes of making your Valentine’s Day easier and more pleasant, here are some ideas for gifts for your significant other. It just depends on how much you love them! I’m kidding (mostly).

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There’s a New Bar(re) in Town


When I first saw that a Pure Barre studio was opening in Maple Grove I had a passing interest. I had known barre as something that my friend that used to be in ballet did. Not something mere mortals attempted.

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Good Karma Animal Rescue of MN: The Little Rescue That Could


Good Karma Animal Rescue of MN is a foster-parent-based animal rescue. They have no facility; All animals are in foster homes throughout the cities. Lisa Booth, Founder and Director of Good Karma, operates the rescue from her home. Their mission is “To work tirelessly to provide the highest quality physical and emotional care to the animals we rescue.” It doesn’t take long to see that they live up to this mission, each and every day.

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