Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Date: Tuesday, November 6 2018 to Sunday, January 6 2019

Enjoy this classic, magical holiday show at Children’s Theatre Company!

A miserly and miserable, ever-so-cantankerous Grinch has witnessed the despicable Christmas joy of the Whos with disdain, from a distance, for decades. Enough! In this favorite holiday story, filled with music and Seussian rhymes, he conceives a dastardly plot to destroy what they love. It’s the smallest of the Whos, tiny Cindy Lou, who extends a hand. Through the combination of kindness and community, we witness not only a change in the course of Who-History, but also the size and capacity of the old green guy’s heart. Visit Children's Theatre Company's website for specific showtimes.

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