Breakthrough Basketball Camps

Date: Saturday, October 5 2019 to Sunday, October 6 2019

Breakthrough Basketball provides high intensity skill development camps for boys and girls across the Minneapolis area.

This camp uses the Attack & Counter Skill Development System to help kids develop the KEY skills that they need to become a great player in the post. They will learn the same critical and universal skills that Don teaches to NBA players. These fundamental skills are universal for all levels. They will help kids no matter what defense or offense they use. That's the great thing about fundamentals. They help in all situations. Here's a brief summary of the skills and topics that will be covered.

Footwork - Participants will learn how to improve their footwork. This is probably the most under-practiced, misunderstood, and most important skill of all. Learn how to practice footwork in a completely new (and simpler) way and learn how footwork carries over into games.

Mentality - During the camp, players will learn Don's Attack and Counter Strategy. As the name implies, this system encourages an aggressive mentality. Players will learn important mental aspects of the game including aggressiveness, building confidence, reducing the fear of failure, shooting mentality, work ethic, how to be mentally tough, more focused, and get an edge on the competition.

Post Moves and Finishing Inside - Learn the proper footwork, mentality, and strategies to score in the post and various situations near the basket. This applies to both guard and post players. There is a heavy emphasis on footwork and participants will learn how to become a more dominate scorer inside. Learn Post actions to help you score and help your teammates score

Screening actions, pick-and-pop, pick-and-roll, seals, duck-ins, ball reversal strategies - Learn how to use your body to create scoring opportunities Create shot opportunities on the block and on the perimeter Learn how post players can take advantage of fast break opportunities to create scoring and better rebounding chances