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East Lake Craft Brewery

Crafstman-brewed ales & lagers for die-hard beer fans made inside the old Sears & Roebuck Building at the Midtown Global Market! Eastlake brews both post-modern American and traditional European beers, served exclusively in the 75-seat taproom. They do their best to always have at least one malty, one light & refreshing, and one (or three) hoppy beer on tap. Prost! Gluten-free? Non-drinker? Not quite 21 years old? They also have two flavors of Deane's kombucha on tap, and several flavors of botanically brewed soda.  Grab some food from any of 15 restaurants in the building and bring it in to have with your beer!

920 E. Lake St., #123
Minneapolis, MN 55407