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Crazy Cajun

Get Your Fix for Louisiana Fare in Minneapolis Northwest

You must check out Crazy Cajun in Brooklyn Park. Nestled in an unsuspecting little strip mall, this locally owned restaurant packs a punch of authentic Louisiana flavor and is increasingly known as the best place to get crawfish in the Twin Cities. Perfect food for any season – delicious seafood for the summer and hot spices for the winter.

A cowboy hat-wearing crawfish (relaxing in a pot of boiling water) greets you as you walk in, and the smell of spice and garlic immediately starts your mouth watering. A couple picnic-style tables hang out between booths and high tops and even have built-in buckets for your shells, so you know this place is serious about seafood. You’ll also quickly notice that Crazy Cajun is crazy about the Minnesota Vikings, and many Vikings players visit this eatery for a true southern-style feast fit to feed a king. Framed, signed jerseys of Linval Joseph and Anthony Barr hang prominently on the wall, and the restaurant’s large flat screen TV’s are tuned into sports stations. You just know this place is rockin’ on a football Sunday!

Crazy Cajun has a menu brimming with choices. Start by nibbling on tasty appetizers, such as Crab Balls and Boudin Balls. The Crab Balls (8) are flavorful little bites you can pop in your mouth – think of a grape-sized crab cake – and the Boudin Balls (4) are a tantalizing mix of rice, sausage and spices deep-fried to perfection. Each comes with a special house dipping sauce that has a precise combination of sweet and spicy. Additional fun southern starters include gator bites, fried oysters, frog legs, turkey neck, and crawfish pie. Or you can start with a cup of seafood or chicken and sausage gumbo, with large chunks of meat and okra.

The real star of the menu is the seafood boil where you can choose from crawfish, mussels, king crab, blue crab, snow crab, clams, and jumbo shrimp. The crawfish and blue crab are seasonal, so you may want to call ahead of time if you’re looking for these specific boils. All seafood boils are sold by the pound at market price. Once you select your meat for the boil, you pick one of two sauces - the house garlic butter sauce (Cajun-style) or the coco sauce made of sweet coconut cream, garlic, butter, and basil leaf. From there you choose your heat level – mild, medium, hot, and fire. Mild has a kick and medium gets you sweating a few bites in! Add on to your seafood boil with halved ears of sweet corn, hunks of potatoes, or pork sausage. The whole boil comes in a bag and with a metal tin plate, so you can eat straight from the bag or pour your meal out and let a cloud of appetizing aroma envelope the table.

Seafood boils also come with plastic bibs with a giant red crab printed on it. Don’t bother trying to resist wearing one – it’s a huge help when you’re diving in! Also, forget the dispensers of little napkins – each table holds a large roll of sturdy paper towel, and you’ll need it. Bonus tip: Wet-naps are available!

For something a little less crazy at Crazy Cajun, try out one of the many fried baskets available. The Walleye Strip basket comes with a giant fillet, 10” long and fried just right. Sided with thick crinkle fries and hush puppies made with savory cornmeal batter and chopped onions round out the generous portion. Additional fried baskets include jumbo butterfly shrimp, catfish fillets, popcorn shrimp, and oysters.

It’s hard to imagine a Louisiana-style restaurant without po boys…which is why Crazy Cajun has delicious ones to choose from. They are stuffed to the gills with your choice of shrimp, crawfish, catfish, or oysters. Or just opt for Dun’s Po Boy, which overflows with a combination of catfish, shrimp, and oysters. And if any meals get a little spicy for you, just order a basket of sweet potato fries for a little sweetness. Or quench your taste buds with the tap beers and wine selection available (including frozen sangria!).

Crazy Cajun is the kind of trendy spot that you might picture in Minneapolis or St. Paul, but lucky for Minneapolis Northwest, the owner and chef, John Nguyen, happened to find a spot in Brooklyn Park that suited his needs and is close to his home. Nguyen comes from Houston and shows off his 30 years of experience in the restaurant business by utilizing relationships with seafood providers his parents once worked with. Nguyen puts his own spin on his mother’s recipes, and sometimes he steps away from the kitchen to wander through the dining area and chat with customers. You never know when you’ll meet him!

Crazy Cajun offers meals to-go in case you want to wear your own plastic bib at home, as well as kid’s meals for ages 12 and under. They celebrated their 2nd anniversary in May, and after one visit you’ll see why many more anniversaries are in store for this Brooklyn Park gem.


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 3 – 7 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 12 - 7 p.m.
Closed on Tuesdays

8578 Edinburgh Center Dr
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443