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You Know You Want One, Donut Lie

Donuts make the world go ‘round. Perhaps that’s just my world? Either way, you need to find time to stop in to Café Donuts in Maple Grove.

Walking up to this unassuming little shop on a cold day was no accident. I needed donuts. Stepping inside, I was immediately greeted by that delicious pastry aroma that makes your mouth instantly water (that happens to everyone, right?). The bright pink and orange walls help wake you up, or at least cause you to temporarily open your eyes wider. Which then makes it easier to see THE WALL OF DONUTS.


It isn’t officially called that, but I think it should be. Are you a classic glazed fan? Got it. Sprinkles? Done. Red velvet? You bet(cha). Double chocolate. Obviously. Strawberry frosted, maple, marble, sugar, mini fritters, cherry cake, lemon, coffee rolls, AND SO MUCH MORE. 


And by more, I seriously mean more. They have delicious breakfast sandwiches, muffins, bagels, croissants, a vast array of beverages (COFFEE), and even ice cream. It’s Minnesota, so of course we eat ice cream in the winter. They even do custom cakes and ice cream cakes. So, whether you’re celebrating a birthday or the fact that it’s Friday, Café Donuts has you covered. In frosting.


I know having donuts every day isn’t feasible, but you should make time for Café Donuts when you can. Go in and grab a dozen for the office (or yourself, no judgment). Take the kids in on a Saturday morning. Go with your mom and then spend the day shopping. You deserve a treat. You won’t be sorry.


Café Donuts has three locations, but check out the one in Maple Grove at 9408 Dunkirk Lane N. It’s close, it’s tasty, and it’s inexpensive. And with classic donuts, fancy donuts, and a bunch of other breakfast staples, it cures hanger (anger brought on by hunger). What more could you ask for? More donuts. They have those.

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