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There’s a New Bar(re) in Town

When I first saw that a Pure Barre studio was opening in Maple Grove I had a passing interest. I had known barre as something that my friend that used to be in ballet did. Not something mere mortals attempted.

Then I dug a little deeper, watched the welcome video and was intrigued. Five-week new customer package for $99? Well, I guess that seems reasonable. And what is 5 weeks? If I hate it, it’s over. I’m on week 3 and I’m enjoying it immensely. Yes, I’m sore. Yes, I sweat profusely in class. Yes, it’s worth it.


Let me back up for a minute here. For those of you that are wondering, what is barre? I’ve had no less than 6 people think it has something to do with becoming a lawyer or being a bartender. It’s not either one of those things. Although there is sometimes a barre-tender, and everyone does know your name (because the instructors are so nice and take the time to learn it). But there is no alcohol.


So, what is involved? Their website says it best, The Pure Barre technique is a great and unique way to “build strength, endurance and tone your muscles in a safe, low impact manner through the use of small focused movements. Strong toned arms, thighs, abs and seat are just a few of the areas that clients see the biggest change from Pure Barre. Lean muscle definition couple with improved flexibility, posture and coordination help to create a strong yet graceful barre body.”


Taking a barre class has a ton of benefits that I myself am only beginning to see/hope to see or understand:

  • Increased flexibility and balance
  • Helps you lose weight, strengthen your bones and decrease your health risk
  • Strengthens your core
  • Improves your mind-body connection and helps you de-stress
  • You become a part of the Pure Barre community
  • Gain confidence and improve your self-esteem
  • Great for cross-training
  • Helps with a healthy pregnancy
  • Help prevent or recover from injury and decrease pain


Doesn’t that sound great? Only being in my third week, I’m still a beginner and learning the moves and lingo (Maybe you can tell me if I’m tucking correctly? Does my tailbone look heavy to you?), but I can already tell that if I keep this up, I’m going to see some awesome results.


Now you just have to sign up for your first class. I guarantee it will go better than mine did. I wasn’t horrible, but I wasn’t great. Which was immediately clear when we had to hold ourselves up with one arm and one leg on our side and then lift and lower our other leg. I fell over laughing. And I’m not sorry. And no one made me feel bad about it. But you know what? My class last week, I DID hold myself up. Take that muscles.


Show your muscles who is in charge and give Pure Barre a chance. If you love it (and I think you will), you’re welcome. If not…I convinced you to try something new. You’re welcome. 

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