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Hot Gandhi pizza

Pig Ate My Pizza: I’m Not Upset About It

Pizza has always been a comforting friend and a wonderful convenience. Pig Ate My Pizza proves it can be so much more.

Before Pig Ate My Pizza, pizza was the thing I ordered on Friday nights because I’m too tired from the work week to cook and also too lazy to go pick anything up. After Pig Ate My Pizza, pizza is a culinary experience that can be both beautiful and delicious. (Don’t get me wrong, a regular sausage and cheese pizza is beautiful too, because it’s still pizza). Maybe from that you can tell that I’m fairly simple when it comes to my pizza-devouring habits. So I was curious to see how this award winning pizza held up next to my good old standbys.


First of all, I love the vibe at Pig Ate My Pizza. You MUST wait to be seated, as it comes down to an exact science. There are long tables where friends and strangers are sat side-by-side, a bar, and smaller tables that require your guest count to match the number of seats. Space cannot be wasted, which becomes clear when the rush of people breaks through the door (or when the big group of people waiting outside calmly walk in and wait to be seated).


The menu is written up on a chalkboard and the pizzas have amazing names like Bay – O – Pigs, Popeye, and Tijuana Tina. We had the pleasure of eating “Hole’ Mole’!” made with chicken mole’, avocado, pickled relish and tree nuts, Hot Gandhi with chicken tikka masala and pickled onion, and Piggy Pie with all the pork and a brioche crust (that I could eat forever). The Piggy Pie was my favorite (that crust!), but all the pizzas were very good. I don’t normally eat pickled radish or onions, but with all of the flavors mixing together on these pizzas, I couldn’t imagine not having them included.


That might be the biggest takeaway: be open minded. There are plenty of things I don’t like, but sometimes even those things can come together and make a beautiful creation. Or pizza. There are still so many pizzas to try at Pig Ate My Pizza that I’ll definitely be back. Will I order the Piggy Pie again? Obviously. But I can’t wait to see what else they’ve come up with!

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