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Omni Brewing Celebrates 6 Months

Thursday, April 7th was a big day for Omni Brewing.

It was National Beer Day and coincidentally, Omni’s 6 month anniversary. How did they celebrate? With beer, of course! On tap was the new release of their barrel-aged Omnipotent scotch ale. But what made the night special was the unveiling of an 11-foot commissioned oil painting by Minneapolis artist, Mat Ollig. The painting pays homage to craft brewing in Minnesota. It chronicles the history of Minnesota beer starting with Yoerg Brewing, the state’s first brewery, back in the late 1800s. It also honors more recent craft breweries that have helped paved the way for Omni. This painting will be a permanent fixture in their Maple Grove Taproom, so keep an eye out for this unique work of art the next time you visit.


 Omni Brewing has accomplished a lot in their first six months of business. Their ½ year anniversary party marked the first time Omni had all ten of their tap lines filled with different varieties of beer. That’s right, a brewery that got off the ground last fall with just two beers on tap now has ten varieties in rotation. They kicked off ‘Omni Doing Co,’ a volunteer group that meets periodically to give back to the local community, an important piece of the owners’ initial vision for the brewery. Omni even started a cribbage league, for both casual and competitive players. More than a local watering hole, Omni has successfully created a positive community around people who like drinking beer. With upcoming plans to expand the taproom, I’m happy to report that at six months, Omni Brewing is thriving. 

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