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New Tourism Industry Standard: iDSS Version 9

Tempest/iDSS Tourism Academy was held in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago. The first day was an iDSS boot camp but for the next 3 days, the program was dual tracked: iDSS and Marketing.

Although the marketing track was my personal pick as the presentations all pertained to digital marketing, I did make sure I attended some of iDSS’s upcoming launch of Version 9 which consists of many cool functionalities for either business development/sales teams or marketing teams.


The one feature that really impressed me is the brand new “survey tool” available with version 9.  The reason why the tool is so important is that customer insights should really be the guiding light for product development, customer relationship management as well as marketing campaigns moving forward.  How many of us have been asked the question “I wonder how our customers feel about our facility?” or “I wonder how satisfied are our customers with our events,” etc.  


Voice of Customers (VOC) is a very specialized field in marketing research and all industries with a best-practice marketing team are very focused right now on using VOC insights as basis for all marketing/sales activities.  The time is here and the time is now!  So for all of you who are currently using iDSS should contact your local rep and have the survey tool turned on.  It is very user-friendly which is a vast improvement over some of their older user interfaces.

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