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Minnesota Vikings Stadium Update

With the new Minnesota Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium slated to open in 1 year, let's get an update on the project! This is seriously going to be one of the coolest and most unique stadiums in the NFL.

MN Vikings US Bank Stadium

With the new Vikings stadium set to open one year from now on July 29, 2016, we decided to put together an update on the project. It's been an exciting summer so far!

Recent milestones:

May 2015: Design plans unveiled for the new downtown park next to the new stadium

June 15, 2015: The Vikings and U.S. Bank announce a 20 year partnership for naming rights of the new stadium. The field will officially be called U.S. Bank Stadium. U.S. Bank has long been thought of as a favorite, if for no other reason than there were few other true contenders.    

July 2015: Stadium reaches 60% completion

July 8, 2015: The Metropolitan Council approves a pedestrian bridge to the new stadium that will span the busy Downtown East light rail station. The Vikings agree to pay for half of the project.

Vikings head coach, Mike Zimmer, took his first tour of the stadium site in June. This video is a great inside look at the stadium, and answers a lot of the questions I had about how on earth they coordinate all this construction. Coach Zimmer and I were definitely on the same page there, wondering how it all gets done!

If you want to see a more shall we say… unsanctioned… tour of the stadium, check out this Illicit Tour of the New Vikings Stadium from Scott Heins of Deadspin. He snuck into the stadium one night (which I don't recommend for legal and safety reasons) and got some pretty stunning photos:

Vikings New Stadium

Vikings Stadium Construction

Heins thinks the stadium seems much further than a year from completion. I disagree! I’ve been able to watch the stadium’s progress from the balcony of my apartment over the last 9 months and if he had seen what it looked like last October, he would agree that it’s come a LONG way in a short amount of time. Over the winter it basically looked like a giant erector set: all steel, trusses, and cranes. It was erie to drive past at night. Now you can see that it's emerged as a prominent structure on the edge of  the Minneapolis skyline.

Oct Update

Vikings Stadium

July Stadium Update

I drove by the stadium this morning. It was an absolute hub of activity. I read on the Vikings website that on any given day there are at least 700 workers present. There were people everywhere, doing anything from fixing gaps in the chain link fence around the site (I wonder why…) to working on the side of the building from scaffolding 30 feet in the air. The neat part is that the Vikings have focused on going local; over 200 Minnesota businesses have been involved in the project so far.

This is seriously going to be one of the coolest and most unique stadiums in the NFL for a lot of reasons. Did you know?

  • The new stadium is so big you fit the entire Metrodome inside, both lengthwise and widthwise, and it wouldn’t touch the edges of the stadium
  • The stadium will have a fixed roof but 60% of it will be transparent, giving fans an outdoor feel in a climate-controlled environment
  • The stadium will have 2,400 TVs, a restaurant, a 3-acre plaza, free wifi, wide concourses, and two of the largest HD video boards in the NFL
  • The 5 pivoting glass doors at the stadium's west entrance are some of the largest glass doors in the world

What are we excited about? The new stadium is less than 20 minutes from most Minneapolis Northwest hotels!

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