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Is Playing Golf Still a Good Corporate Outing?

Many people feel that large and small business deals are frequently occurring on the golf courses. While this assumption has been more or less true in the past, not everybody agrees with the notion. What do you think? Let’s take a closer look.

It is widely assumed that people like doing business with people they know and nobody can deny that golf courses is one of the best places for getting to know someone; even if you don’t particularly like golf.  First of all, average time spent in a golf outing is at least 4 hours, factor in lunch, cocktail hour or dinner, up to one whole day can be spent getting to know somebody.  Don’t forget, other than the social hours, being on the same team on the golf course provides ample opportunity for you to know if your business associates are ethical, patient, polite, persistent or ambitious.  Due to these valid reasons, one can easily conclude golf outings are very much a viable way to get to know somebody; whether for business or pleasure.

Here in Minneapolis Northwest, we have several very nice public courses; notably Rush Creek in Maple Grove and Edinburgh in Brooklyn Park.  If you are shopping for a place to bond with acquaintances or planning a corporate outing, do consider holding your venue at one of our beautiful courses.  Ready?  Set up your swing and follow through!

Making the Most Out of Your Next Golf Outing:

  • Put thoughts into your invitation list so as to maximize networking opportunities
  • Introduce all players prior to the outing by sharing websites or linkedin profiles
  • Provide a small gift for player such as a sleeve of balls with logo or a hat or visor
  • Bring business cards in your golf bag
  • Show your best self; You don’t want to take overly risky shots nor do you want to be too slow and take forever to set up your swing.  Nobody likes a straggler!
  • No need to let someone you wish to know better win.  Just don’ gloat!

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