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Hong Thai

Hungry? Hong Thai Has Your Back

Are you an adventurous eater? Me either, but I enjoy getting out of my (food) comfort zone. So it was hard not to love a new addition to The Fountains in Maple Grove, Hong Thai.

Easy to find and with simple décor and room to move around, my immediate reaction to Hong Thai was very pleasant. We were able to sit right away and after reading through all of my menu options (and there were A LOT of options), I decided to go with Pad Thai and added pork (but said no to the bean sprouts, because I just can’t get behind them). It was delicious! It had just a little bit of heat to it (but on all their dishes you can choose your level of heat/discomfort, ranging from mild to extremely hot) and it was a very generous serving size (meaning I could eat until I was uncomfortable and still had leftovers)!

My only complaint is that I asked for no bean sprouts and my dish came out covered in them (but I was so hungry and I just picked off every bean sprout I could find). But if that’s the worst thing I have to deal with when it comes to my food, I’ll take it (I still ate almost all of it).


My dining companions ordered the House Pad Thai (it comes with ALL the protein) and the Spicy Fried Rice with Basil and added chicken. They seemed very pleased with their meals as they rubbed their stomachs and asked for to-go boxes (I wasn’t joking about the portion sizes). So an added benefit to eating at Hong Thai is that they basically provide you with two meals.


Hong Thai was overall a delicious new experience (but if you don’t like bean sprouts, BE CLEAR). I’m definitely looking forward to going back and trying something new, so join me and check it out. We can split the Pad Thai (just kidding, I’m going to eat way more than half of it). 

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