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Frozen Feet Night Run: BYO Headlamp

There’s a 5K just about every weekend in the Twin Cities. I’m a runner and a huge proponent of fitness, so I think that is great... but how do you choose which one to do?

They all start to sound the same, especially after you’ve done a few of them and the novelty of simply completing a 5K has begun to wear off. You start looking for something different.

I got the chance to run a very unique 5K last weekend, the Frozen Feet Night Run, and I am going to boldly declare that you need to put it on your calendar next year. It’s an on-snow nighttime winter trail run at Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove. It takes place in the dark... BYO headlamp kind of dark.

The trails at Elm Creek are very windy and you don’t really know where they lead (or at least I didn’t consult a map beforehand); you just have to trust that if you follow the trail you’ll make it to the finish. Intersections were well marked so we were never really lost, it just felt like it sometimes. The course was illuminated by the moon and our little flashlights bobbing in the woods. It was so peaceful.

Running in the dark might sound kind of scary, but it was so fun. Being out on the trails, there was an increased sense of camerarderie among the runners. Everyone was encouraging each other, warning those behind them of upcoming obstacles, etc...  Trail running is exhilarating. And not something I’ve done much of before. It’s more challenging than road running because of the uneven terrain and frequent changes in elevation. Plus, getting the chance to run them at night was such a novelty for me because it’s probably not something I’d feel comfortable doing by myself.  

The Frozen Feet Night Run is just one more way we do things differently here in Minneapolis Northwest.

About the Frozen Feet Night Run

The Frozen Feet Night Run is part of Frozen Events family. It is a spinoff of the Fat Bike Frozen Forty, a winter bike race that has been held at Elm Creek the past 5 years. In 2016, organizers successfully added the night run as well as a daytime half marathon, 10K, and 5K running event too. 

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