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Footgolf Hole at Brookland Golf Park

FootGolf: It is Definitely for You

Golfing isn't for everyone. Whether it is a coordination issue (me), a lack of interest, or maybe you just don't have the time, golf can be tricky. But I have discovered something that is easier (not really), more fun, doesn't cost as much, and takes less time, FootGolf!

What is FootGolf? It is a combination of golf and soccer. You play on a golf course that has modified holes that fit soccer balls, each kick is a stroke, you get competitive, and have fun!


I played at Brookland Golf Park in Brooklyn Park with a couple of coworkers and we had a blast. It was a 9-hole course that proved to be quite a challenge. There’s a chance that our skills were lacking a little bit, but who knows for sure? On Hole 1 we were all feeling pretty optimistic about our experience. We were just getting the hang of things, adjusting the power behind our kicks, factoring in wind speed, distance, etc. Just kidding, we pretty much kicked as hard as we could and hoped for the best. By Hole 2 I thought maybe my old soccer skills were being revived and that I could be decent at this. By Hole 3 it was very clear that indeed, that was not the case. 


My coworkers did better than I did, one by a couple of strokes (kicks), the other by a few more. Of course the score mattered for bragging purposes, but we were having so much fun with it all that at times we couldn’t quite remember how many kicks it had taken us. That’s one of the main reasons I would recommend FootGolf to people. It was something different, that none of us had ever done, and it was a lot of fun. We got out of the office for an hour and bonded over horrible kicks (and some great ones), the ridiculous amount of bugs flying around at 9:30 in the morning, our wet shoes from the morning dew, and laughter. It can be hilarious, depending on your skill level.

The 9-hole course at Brookland Golf Park was great. It is a traditional golf course as well, but the FootGolf tees and flags are clearly marked. Each hole is different and challenging in its own way. Some that seemed deceivingly simple were in fact my worst scores, which I got a kick out of (Get it? FootGolf? Kick? You at least smiled, don’t lie).


FootGolf is an awesome activity for team building, family fun, or could even be an individual challenge (or practice to take down your coworkers in a rematch next week). It’s a great way to get outdoors and soak up every minute of gorgeous fall weather. Go play!

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