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Fans React to Their First Time at US Bank Stadium

The Twin Cities are absolutely buzzing about the brand new US Bank Stadium. News that we will be adding the X-Games to the list of high-profile events the stadium is hosting in the next few years only fueled our excitement. 200,000 fans seized the opportunity to tour the new stadium a few weeks ago, and a sellout crowd of 64,000 fans attended the Chelsea FC vs. AC Milan international soccer match last Wednesday, the first event at US Bank Stadium. The match was certainly a test run for officials heading into the inaugural Vikings season, and I took to the internet to find out what people were saying about their first experience at US Bank Stadium.

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The Awesome

  • The overwhelming response to the new stadium can be summed up in one word. Gorgeous. The facility is massive, and the signature glass doors and ‘ship-like’ design give it an impressive and someone imposing feel.
  • The stadium design provides tons of natural light that will make fans feel more like they’re outdoors, without being exposed to the elements.
  • There’s not a bad seat in the house. I saw that comment over and over again from fans who visited. Some commented that there was plenty of leg room and the seats were comfy (enough for a stadium!).
  • The food and drink choices are above average for a pro sports venue.
  • The enormous video board got two thumbs up.
  • There is a designated area for Uber pickup and drop off (someone was thinking!).
  • The club levels are beautiful.
  • There are more bathrooms than at the Vikings’ former home!

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Room for Improvement

  • The lines were looong during the Chelsea game. For food, for beer, the entrance, the bathrooms. US Bank Stadium operators have some kinks to work out after its first event, that was evident. Some food vendors actually ran out of food before the second half. You know they’ll never make that mistake again...
  • The concourse itself got mixed reviews. I read that fans thought the concourses are fairly narrow. The Metrodome had notoriously narrow concourses and some fans felt this was not an improvement after last Wednesday. However, Minnesota Sports Facility Authority officials are not worried. They suspect that with the increased number of people wandering around taking photos of the new stadium versus taking their seats like they normally would added to the congestion. In particular, it was crowded on the lower level, partially since that’s the only floor people can enter on (compared to Metrodome where fans in the upper deck could enter on the 2nd floor).

Whether you praised the new stadium or had a couple gripes, I think we can all agree that we can't wait for the Vikings home opener vs. Green Bay on September 18th! 

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