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Blog: Exploring Ice Castles MN

Minneapolis Northwest finally went to visit Ice Castles MN. There are still a few more weeks to go check it out! Watch our video preview first.

We finally went out to visit Ice Castles MN in Eden Prairie. There are still a few weeks left to go see it! We put together a little preview for you: 

Overall: The ice castle is huge. However, we visited right after a warm spell so it wasn't as tall as it might normally be. They grow new ice formations everyday though, and it's interesting to watch the employees at work cultivating ice and grooming the castle. It's GREAT for families.  I barely fit down the ice slide, but all the kids we saw there were having a great time exploring the castle. Plus they have Elsa from Frozen there for photo ops and to interact with the kids.

Wondering what it looks like at night? You'll just have to go see for yourself! With the illuminated castle and the occasional flame thrower, it's DEFINITELY worth it. An important note about your ticket: it's good all day. The people at the ticket booth told us we could use our ticket to come back again to visit that night! 

Monday-Thursday: 2-9pm
Friday: 2-10pm
Saturday: 10am-10pm
Sunday: noon-9pm
Open through March 7, 2015 (weather dependent)


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