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Summer is coming to an end which means the kiddos are headed back to school in the next few weeks. Like most years, you’re currently putting together a list of all the school supplies needed for academics and figuring out how much your kid grew over the summer to plan on what clothes need to be bought. We are here to help make your back to school clothes planning a little easier this year!

At only 150 acres Weaver Lake is perfect for the angler who likes small water and big bass. Canoers, kayakers and modest-sized boaters can strain the shoreline structure and vegetation easily in a day and still have spots that require more exploration. The bass are big in Weaver and there are plenty of them. Finding them is never hard on a small lake. Mastering the perfect presentation is the trick to catching them.

The perfect presentation requires anglers get their lure through the thick mats of milfoil growing around the rim of the lake. While this invasive species provides a tough surface cover to get a lure through big bass love the maze of milfoil stalks that provide cover near the bottom. Largemouth bass use the milfoil as a sanctuary for hiding from the big pike and muskies in the lake as well as an ambush point to lie in wait for forage fish to prey on.

The best technique for getting to those bass in the milfoil is called, Flipping. This presentation was perfected by bass anglers in the southern states that were trying to get lures into the thick hydrilla that was growing there. It works well in milfoil.

Take a three-quarter ounce jig that has a weed guard and tie it to a superline like Fireline or PowerPro that has a 40-pound test which is a 10-pound test diameter in a monofilament equivalent. This line should be on a baitcasting reel, on a rod with a length between seven and eight feet.

You don’t cast the jig, you flip it just a few feet from the watercraft and let the jig settle through the milfoil to the bottom. Raise the rod tip a couple of times and twitch the jig. If there is a bass in that cover it will smack that lure. You need the heavier line to get the fish out of that thick vegetation, and that can be fun.

Many anglers tip the hook on the jig with a scented plastic trailer to get a more solid commitment from the bass. Flipping is a technique that works in any depth where milfoil is present, and there is plenty in Weaver Lake.

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Tim Lesmeister is a full-time freelance outdoor writer, photographer, radio, and television host.  He is currently a columnist for Outdoor News and a co-host of Outdoor News Radio. Lesmeister is a past-president of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) and is currently on their Board of Directors.

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