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Blog: 5 St. Patrick’s Day Events

Going to the bar isn't the only place you can celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. Here are our top 5 events and activities you and your significant other, friends, or family can enjoy this year!

One of the major benefits of living in an ethnically diverse metropolitan area is the pleasure of being able to interact with cultures that are different from our own. We are very fortunate to have influences from around the globe in the Twin Cities, and more notably, the Minneapolis Northwest areas like Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove, and Brooklyn Center.

Our food speaks to our way of life and the components that were readily available to generations past. It represents a sense of time and geography that seems to tie into both our palettes and our appetites in a variety of ways. In the Northwest area of Minneapolis, we have some of the best of  many different cultures and cuisines. 

The Brooklyn Park restaurant of Lemon Grass Thai puts Thai flavors on display throughout the entire menu. The Pineapple Curry hails as a gift from the chef who brought this flavor to our area.

If it's breakfast you're craving in our area then Fat Nat's Eggs is where you should visit. As one of Brooklyn Park's iconic breakfast spots, this spot may not necessarily scream ethnic, but it does Americana the justice it deserves.

Dying for French baked goods and an atmosphere that screams Paris? Check out Patrick's French Bakery & Cafe in Maple Grove.

Although the Oriental Market in Brooklyn Center isn't only a traditional dine-in restaurant, it is worth mentioning that they arguably have the best Papaya anywhere. Freshly prepared soups, salads, and beef choices make this market stand out from the rest. 

Sometimes it isn't a meal or a walk-in experience that you're looking for, sometimes it is just an excellent cup of coffee. Caribou Coffee, Tii Cup, Starbucks and Mountain Mudd Espresso all hail from our richly populated areas.

With this many choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner it is no wonder that our area is growing so rapidly. Real estate is on a continuing uphill climb and new construction for residential housing and commercial buildings are breaking ground at an amazing pace.  Finding a Realtor who knows the area, the perks, the schools and the people is important to finding the right location for you to be able to take part in the brilliant culture that our area affords its populous.

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Andy Prasky has been a Real Estate Agent since 1997 and wants to earn your business by using his knowledge as a resident and professional in the area to your advantage.

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