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Blog: 5 Gluten-Free Finds in Minneapolis Northwest

Are you looking for a good, quality gluten-free meal? Come try these extraordinary eats found at Minneapolis Northwest restaurants featuring gluten-free menu options.

Are you looking for a good, quality gluten-free meal? Come try these extraordinary eats found at Minneapolis Northwest restaurants featuring gluten-free menu options. 

1. The Lookout Bar and Grill
Lookout Bar & Grill Gluten Free | Minneapolis NorthwestLocated in Maple Grove, The Lookout Bar and Grill has been serving family recipes and seasonally inspired dishes for over 55 years.  Their menu consists of a large variety of options along with a daily lunch buffet. One of the featured items at The Lookout is The Beast. This already unique 10-inch, double patty burger with 11 other ingredients is topped with a gluten-free bun upon request. Not only does this bar and grill offer gluten-free buns on their 10 other burgers, but also on their 9 savory sandwiches. The Lookout Bar and Grill's made to order menu is ready to accommodate special food needs while satisfying your hunger and health requests.

2. Sammy’s Pizza & Restaurant
Sammy's Pizza Gluten Free | Minneapolis NorthwestBrooklyn Park is home to Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant. This pizzeria has been passed through four generations of pizza makers (or as they enjoy calling themselves – artisans). Each pizza is handmade from the original family recipe that dates back to 1954. However, they have a wide selection of specialty pizzas that offer a gluten-free crust.  They even give you the choice of creating your own!  Another featured item is their gluten-free beer brewed from Portland. Whether you have gluten intolerance or you're just looking to curve your pizza craving, Sammy’s in the joint for you!   

3. Maple Tavern
Maple Tavern Gluten Free | Minneapolis NorthwestThis local tavern in Maple Grove has a casual and comfortable atmosphere and is a hot spot for made-from-scratch foods.  The Maple Tavern is not only committed to serving impeccable food but also willing to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions. When referring to the health concerns for gluten-free customers, Executive Chef Mike Shaughneessy is able to recreate roughly half of his menu to be gluten-free friendly. If you’re a sandwich lover, many of their sandwiches come on a caramelized onion bun that is already gluten-free. Or perhaps burgers are catching your attention. Each burger can be substituted for the Maple Tavern gluten-free bun. Whichever menu item you choose, including a gluten-free option, your taste buds will be satisfied.

4. Erbert and Gerbert’s
Erbert and Gerbert's Gluten Free | Minneapolis NorthwestIf soups and sandwiches are calling your name, Erbert and Gerbert's in Maple Grove is the place for you! This sandwich shop is now introducing gluten-free certified breads and gourmet soups. Erbert and Gerbert’s uses caution with their equipment in order to avoid cross-contamination. Three specially designed gluten-free subs – the Boney Billy a turkey breast sandwich, Comet Morehouse prepared with ham and provolone cheese, and the vegetarian option Jacob Bluefinger combines avocado and provolone cheese.  Each of these three sandwiches are baked by Udi’s who are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.  The flavorful gluten-free soups selection is another great option including Cheddar Cheese & Broccoli and Cheesy Asparagus. Erbert and Gerbert’s welcomes all to come try their superior soups and subs!

5. Nadia Cakes
Nadia Cakes Gluten Free | Minneapolis NorthwestThis fabulous shop in Maple Grove offers cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. If you're gluten intolerant we have good news! Nadia Cakes has gluten-free cupcakes and cookies in two different flavors daily. Their entire menu of 135 flavors can be made gluten-free with an advanced order. Nadia Cakes takes pride in being able to create all flavors into an alternative option. These cupcakes are also the same price as the other beautifully crafted cupcakes. Ice cream cupcakes are a new addition to the shop, which are gluten-free too. Come try these delicious desserts because who could pass up a good treat!

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