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Back-to-School Fashions: Shopping Like a Pro

Back-to-school, every kid’s nightmare and every parent’s dream come true. We know your to-do list for getting your kids ready to head back to the classroom is probably a mile long. We’re here to help you with back-to-school fashions for your elementary age kids and the teenagers. It may even cut back-to-school shopping time in half! (Just maybe, no guarantees.)

There are lots of places you can go to get clothing for your kids, but The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes should be your go-to spot. With over 30 clothing stores to choose from you’ll find something for even the pickiest kid. Bonus, you’ll also get to soak up the last of the summer sun while you walk between stores (you know how crucial this is, especially with winter just around the corner)! Now it’s time to hit the stores!

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Starting off with your grade-schoolers, there are plenty of options to stay stylish and comfortable all at the same time. For boys the big trends this year were baseball tees, graphic tees, cargo pants, denim in a wide variety of colors (for the adventurous), and a lot of athletic wear (termed “athleisure” to make it more acceptable to wear when you aren’t in gym). For shoes there was a range all the way from regular sneakers to slide-ons with skeleton feet on them (which personally I say go for, you can really only get away with that when you’re 10). And for the all-important backpack, graphic prints are the way to go! I found a really fun shark backpack at Gap that any shark week lover would gladly carry's fashion, jean jacket


For young girls it is probably a lot of things that parents are familiar with: graphic tees with cute sayings, athleisure, colored and patterned denim, denim vests and jackets, every legging style and print you could ever imagine, and the dresses and sweaters to go with them. For shoes girls have even more options. Of course there are the sneakers and regular flats, but you could step it up (no pun intended) with a pair of shoes with cat faces on the top (yes, really, thank you Gap), booties, and more. To go with all of this cuteness, they’ll need a bag that can carry all of their outfit changes (or school books and lunch). Fun prints and graphic bags are always a good choice. There were some cute animal prints (and some with animal faces) that would make anyone jealous, including slip-on shoes

variety of button-up shirts for men



Now for the teenagers…so easy. Just kidding! But I know I don’t have to actually explain that to you. With a few tips you’ll be just fine. The guys have it much easier though. Slim fit pants to looser styles in denim are still a staple. There should be an abundance of plaid to choose from, along with graphic tees, hoodies and sweaters (Basically stop at The Buckle and American Eagle). The athleisure trend carries over to the older boys as well, which should cut back on any complaining about getting ready for school in the morning. When it comes to shoes, anything from flip flops while it’s still warm to sneakers, slide-ons, and a variety of boot styles should do the trick.


Last, but definitely not least, teenage girls. Take a deep breath, you can do this. The list for trends for this age group is considerably longer (and remembering my teenage years, I can understand why). So what’s in this year? Bomber jackets (layered over EVERYTHING. Wet Seal had lots of options), suede skirts and dresses (Forever 21 has an abundance of these and tops to match), prints (floral, stripes, camo, plaid, and more), boho dresses, distressed denim, lots of layering (sweaters or long straight vests or cardigans over dresses, multiple tanks, etc), slimmed down puffer vests (it is Minnesota after all), the colors olive, mustard, and variations on burgundy and red-orange, along with other muted colors (Maurices had this color palette down). The accessories can make the outfit and this year everything from chokers (gold, black, blinged out, and even pearl), to long necklaces with pendants or tassels (Francesca’s accessories are on point), and structured bags or bags with unique designs, and smaller, square scarves tied around the neck. The shoe styles are endless, sandals, booties (these are an absolute must), oxfords, flats, and so much more (with a million color options). Women's white blouseWomen's attire


Back-to-school shopping can be overwhelming and stressful, but it can also be fun (if nothing else, just remember that pretty soon the kids will be in school all day!). With these tips you can help guide your kids’ choices so that you’re both happy. You definitely deserve to reward yourself for surviving the shopping trip though, so stop in one of the many restaurants at The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes and unwind. Cheers to getting back to school!

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