Munich certainly holds the world’s biggest Oktoberfest with six million people attending, but cities throughout America are rolling out the barrel this year for some of the best celebrations ever. No matter where you live, you won’t have to go far – and The Vivant has compiled a list of the very best Oktoberfest celebrations in America. So put on your lederhosen and dust off your accordion! No matter where you go, you can’t go wrong so long as there is plenty of good beer, but these 25 American cities have really stepped up their games for Oktoberfest for this year to earn a coveted spot on The Vivant’s favorite Oktoberfest destinations.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Yah, sure. We always think of Minneapolis as the place to go for lutefisk, krydderfedt and the ubiquitous “hot dish” made popular by Garrison Keillor in “A Prairie Home Companion,” but folks there sure know how to put on an Oktoberfest. Minnesota is known for its wonderful locally-made craft beers. If you’re in the Midwest, head on over there to Minneapolis Northwest, the area consisting of Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and Maple Grove, for a central destination for all those seasonal brews. You can join the fun at one of Minneapolis Northwest’s three breweries (or better, visit all three)! Wicked Wort’s 3rd Annual Oktoberfest Celebration will be on October 6, and you can have a chance to enjoy Wicked Wort’s Oktoberfest beer with a brat from Hackenmueller’s Meat Market. At the Blue Wolf Brewing Company, the area’s newest brewery, you can get traditional German-style beers, and have a close look at the tanks and taps to see the brewing process first-hand. Blue Wolf has a rotating tap with various styles and seasonal varieties, and you can bring in your favorite foods to pair with those fabulous brews. We think we’ll leave the lutefisk behind, though. Then you can hop on over to the OMNI Brewing Co’s patio, where you can sample their latest Oktoberfest German wheat beer.


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