Summer is precious: the hot sun baking the sidewalks, the lawns spilling over with kids filling water balloons from the garden hose. For adults, the stakes are higher. Make the most of it, says the sun, for tomorrow it vanishes! OK, sun, sheesh. So much pressure.  

Ice cream season in 2018 seems even more consequential. There are suddenly whole new categories of ice cream (rolled!) to fit into the soft-serve and scoop-case scene. Thus, your 2018 ice cream bucket list. You’ve got maybe six months before ice cream season melts away. Make sure you don’t miss a single scoop—or roll, or slice.


The big news of the year: Ice cream suddenly is a flat thing that rolls. The concept originated in southeast Asia and involves pouring a cup of ice cream base on a zero-degree super-cooled griddle, then scraping up the instant freeze. The most extreme local practitioner—serving rolls as tacos or “hot dogs”—is Wonders. The vibe of the original Frogtown location is killer house party, and successfully puts to rest the question of what you’d do with grade schoolers at a rave. Sota Hot & Cold, a little west of Wonders, offers unconventional flavors—look for a cinnamon-and-chili special that’s legit spicy. Loulou Sweet and Savory sits right off the Midtown Greenway and offers fresh strawberries and salty pistachios as mix-ins. It’s the mellowest of the ice cream roll destinations—at least until you add a triple espresso.

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