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Communications Conversations: 17 people who should have been on Ad Fed’s 32 under 32

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In case you missed it, AdFed officially posted its 32 Under 32 list a few weeks ago. This is a great event that has taken on a life of its own the last few years. Seemingly everyone in town under the age of 32 has been nominated for this award!

Jokes and cheap shots aside, I think it’s great that AdFed is recognizing these young people for the work they’re doing. HOWEVER…

If you take a closer look at the 2019 list, you quickly realize almost the entire list is made up of agency folks. I only found THREE people who WEREN’T agency people on the list!

What’s more, it wasn’t just agency people–it was one specific agency! A whopping 10 32 Under 32 winners came from a single agency: Carmichael Relate (or Carmichael Lynch).

Now again, I’m not taking shots at AdFed or the good folks who put on this event. It’s a thankless task and as someone who’s been on the MN PRSA and MIMA boards in the past, I know it’s a lot of work.

But, man, I can’t help think what a missed opportunity this is.

We all know we have a strong agency community here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. And, I realize these kinds of events are driven by nominations. But, you just can’t have an event recognizing the best of our industry and completely exclude the people in corporate, non-profit and solo settings.

That’s just not a realistic picture of our industry.

So, instead of continuing to point out the shortcomings of this award and complain, I’d like to recognize 17 people under the age of 32 (because, it doesn’t HAVE to be 32, right?) who work for corporations or non-profits or are solo practitioners that I believe deserve the spotlight (some nominated by me; others nominated by friends). The one caveat I’ll add is that these people have not been part of the 32U32 winners list in the past.

Natalie Conrad, communications and social media manager, Minneapolis Northwest Tourism

“Natalie works tirelessly on behalf of Minneapolis Northwest Tourism as its communications and social media manager. For the past two years, she has implemented communications campaigns to promote the cities of Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park and Maple Grove. Whether it’s setting up itineraries for visiting bloggers (and driving them around personally), or writing attention-grabbing blog and social media posts, or attending meetings with community leaders, or appearing on local TV to discuss the upcoming events in the area, or being quoted in the Washington Post, Natalie does it all, and always with a smile on her face. She’s also active in Minnesota PRSA and pursuing her APR.” – Bellmont Partners

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