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CCX Media: Brooklyn Park’s New Brewery Plans to Open Within the Month

At the soon-to-be open Blue Wolf Brewing Company, what you see is what you get.

The tanks and taps are all right there for customers to see every part of the brewing process.

"We want an intimate relationship with our customers. I’ve taught people to brew for years and I don’t want to lose that as we go into the professional world," says Mike Campbell, one of the owners of Blue Wolf Brewing Company. "I wanted to do this because I’ve been brewing for over 20 years at home and this has been a dream of mine for 15 years to get something going."

It took Campbell and his team almost a year to turn the old Hollywood Video store beside Broadway Pizza and Festival Foods in Brooklyn Park into a brewery. Navigating the paperwork process as well as outfitting the video store has been tricky, but Campbell is happy to see light at the end of the tunnel. If he passes this next round of inspections, he can begin brewing this week and possibly open at the end of the month.

Eventually, owners plan to have eight brews on tap. Campbell describes his style as a traditional or historic-type brewer, who strives for simplicity and quality.

"We are going to have English bitters available, which is an English version of pale ale. We will have German style beers. We want beers that are easy drinking where people can sit and tell a story and talk to one another," says Campbell. "You will find beers you will enjoy drinking, even though it may be a beer you never thought you would enjoy."

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