The Spice of Life

Minneapolis Northwest, unbeknownst to most of our visitors, is a hotbed for delicious ethnic cuisine.

Ethnic spices

And by ethnic cuisine, we don’t mean Orange Chicken from Panda Express. Thanks to the diversity of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park neighborhoods, you can find some truly authentic dishes from around the world. If you’re not sure what to get, the shop owners are more than willing to tell you what’s what.  Most of these eateries are not fancy restaurants; they are likely owner-operated establishments that offer dine-in or take out, and above all, an authentic food experience!

Despite diversity, one common theme is the liberal use of spice:

  1. African Deli or Mama Ti's (Liberia, Ghana)
  2. At Cajun Deli or Crazy Cajun
  3. Vietnamese at Thanh Vi 
  4. Lemongrass Thai & Sushi 
  5. Teresa’s Mexican 
  6. Buona Sera
  7. Nola Bistro and Bar  
  8. Great India

Noodle dish from Lemongrass Thai