Twin Cities Harvest Festival

Twin Cities Harvest Festival & Maze in Brooklyn Park is Minnesota’s largest corn maze, measuring at 20 acres. Ever wonder how the massive corn maze is made?

Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze sign

To satisfy your curiosity, we were able to secure an interview with the owner, Bert Bouwman, and learned about the lengthy process. Believe it or not, the corn maze is nearly a year-long journey that begins in January at Bouwman’s kitchen table with a pen and paper where he begins drafting the design of the year. Since he creates a new design every year, we really don’t know what he has in mind for 2016 as of this writing. I guess we just all have to wait and see!  

Minnesota Wild logo in corn field
In May, Bouwman’s family gets to work planting the field: rows & rows of corn set in a 20 acre grid. By June, when they are ready to carve out the maze design, the corn stalks are less than a foot high. The family does this by hand using garden hoes which is extremely laborious. Yikes! Beyond that, they have to irrigate and weed throughout the summer. Despite unpredictable weather, the corn maze has been widely popular, drawing 20,000 to 30,000 visitors a year and raising well over $100,000 for charity as a give-back to community.
So as you’re handed your corn maze map at the ticket gate this fall (trust me, you’re going to need it),take a moment to appreciate the months of hard work put into bringing this incredible fall tradition to life. 

Enter here corn maze sign