Dorm Décor 101

August! It is that time of the year when parents and kids alike are planning back to-school shopping.

For most school age kids under 18, clothes and school supplies would probably be at the top of the list with perhaps a calculator topping in as the most expensive item. But if you have a collegebound freshman your list and budget may present a very different picture. Do you know how much on average parents are spending to decorate a dorm room for their children? $200 or even $500? Wrong! Now, according to the National Retail Federation, an average of $907 is spent turning a stark utilitarian dorm room into a luxury suite and a statement of individuality. Gone are the days where fruit crates, cinder blocks, XL twin sheets and an electric corn popper complete the requisite list for dorm room must-haves. In fact, U.S. dorm room spending now accounts for $50B a year. While some families will spend more or less than the average $907, there are affluent families who have taken it to the extreme: hiring a professional decorator to transform a typical ugly dorm room into a retreat conducive to socializing, studying as well as rejuvenation.


But parents, no need to panic! There are many ways to send your darlings off to college without declaring bankruptcy yet still maintaining the status of being cool parents. Here in Minneapolis Northwest’s Shoppes at Arbor Lakes, we are able to put together a decent college décor essentials without breaking the bank. Total budget: $572.89 (excludes laptop+ clothes).

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