Chalk artist at Chalkfest in Minneapolis Northwest

Something to “Chalk” About: Chalkfest 2017

Chalkfest is the can’t-miss event of the summer! For the second year in a row, artists from around the world will descend on Maple Grove to share their passion and creativity in Minneapolis Northwest! For two days, artists will line Main Street Arbor Lakes to draw large illustrations in chalk, while visitors walk among them enjoying the art, food, and entertainment.

This FREE event is for EVERYONE. Your family and children will love the festival atmosphere, and your friends will have fun watching the variety of artwork come to life before their eyes as the artists begin and complete an impressive (and big) piece of art in just two days! Some of the pieces will be mind-blowing 3D pictures (great for photo ops) that you’ll get to see from every angle, allowing you to understand how it works. Chalkfest is unlike any other event, because you’ll be actively engaged with the process and you will all be participating in an event unique to the Midwest!



There are going to be 34 artists that will begin chalking on Saturday, June 10th, starting at 10am and you’ll want to see how the process begins. On Saturday, from 10am until 5pm, and Sunday, June 11th, from 10am to 5pm, you’ll be able to get insider looks at how these artists create. This family-friendly festival is one you’ll want to attend on both days, as part of the fun is seeing blank canvases (the street) come to life throughout the course of two days. Also, you don’t want to miss voting for the People’s Choice Award. You can purchase ballots to vote for all your favorites throughout Chalkfest for $1 each. The more you vote, the more you are helping to bring this incredible event back to Minneapolis Northwest next year.



But wait, how will you keep all the artists straight? What if you want to preview their past work or learn a little more about them before the big event is here? We’ll give you a head start. Artist Shawn McCann has been featured twice at the LA Times Festival of Books as a featured illustrator; Tonya Youngberg has been a chalk artist for more than 15 years, runs a small bookstore, and does taxidermy; Cass Womack went to Eagan High School and is excited to share her work in the area she grew up in; Cuboliquido has won major awards, including this past March when he won first place at the Dubai Canvas 3D Art Award, and there are countless other fun facts about the 2017 Chalkfest artists.

Here is a list of the artists you’ll find this year, including a link to their profiles and past artwork:


-Shawn McCann                                  -Alexandra Alfeo

-Dave Brenner                                     -Anat Ronen

-Bridget “BK” Lyons                            -David Lepore

-PonderMonster                                  -Lori Hughes

-Jessica Barnd                                    -Cuboliquido                                                                                                              

-Tonya Youngberg                               -Shelly Brenner

-Jessi Queen                                       -Tim Ritter

-Shane Mesmer                                  -Jincy Babu

-Abraham Burciaga                            -Cass Womack

-The Chalk Guys                                -Erik Greenwalt

-Katie Bush                                         -William Zin

-Jennifer Ripassa                                -Limnesh Augustine

-Vann Garz                                          -Chris Carlson

-Zachary Herndon                               -Kimberly Wood

-Kumpa Tawornprom                          -Lesley Perdomo

-Naomi Haverland                              -Marlon Yanes

-Amanda Hoback



Watching this group of talented individuals might inspire you to unleash your inner artist, and we encourage it! There will be public chalking areas along Main Street, so grab your chalk and get busy. It’s a great activity for kids to get some experience of their own (fun and laughter included).



Another exciting element to Chalkfest are the murals that are created in the days leading up to the event. You can find them (and the artists) at The Fountains at Arbor Lakes. You’ll be amazed by these custom-created murals as they come to life before your very eyes!


Chalkfest at Arbor Lakes is a wonderful opportunity to get outside, enjoy the beautiful weather, and create lasting memories and traditions with family and friends. This festival will draw people from all around and you won’t want to miss it! Let’s get chalking!

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